Welcome :]

Hello there!! Welcome thanks for coming :D

My name is Avery, and this is my little corner of the internet!! This is a little personal site I've been creating, and a hobby project I work on occasionally (also because I think people who have their own website are AWESOME and I wanna be in on that too >:]

Feel free to look around!! This place is the home for all my artwork, writings and ramblings I've made, crafted to the best of my ability. I'm always trying to update this with cool new stuff so feel free to stick around :]

I'm also pretty active on other social media sites, you can find me here:

Youtube // Twitter // Gamejolt // Gamebanana // Newgrounds // Artfight

Oh also!! You can click here to sign my Guestbook and I also have a little button you can put on your site too!! Here it is: (please don't hotlink!!!!)


The site chatbox!! I read these alot, so feel free to leave a comment :]
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