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Welcome to the Blog!! (09/06/24)

Hello!! Welcome to my little personal blog :D

Back a long time ago, I had made a "Monthly Updates" page for the 2nd variation of the site, there I'd document everything relevant each month for anyone to view, but for whatever reason I removed it; that changes today! (Or whenever this is posted)

This snazzy little part of the site is a hub for all things me! (if this site wasn't a glorified about me already), whether it just be about me in general and what I'm up to, an update on a project, stuff about the site, or all of them combined! It's nicer to have somewhere to catalogue my thoughts than the likes of Twitter or somewhere else.


Summer is approaching, time to start some more projects!!

With the start of the summer on the nigh I think I'll have the time to get back into creating and working on projects!

The first I want to work on is a Mario fangame of sorts in Mari0. Around 2 days ago (7th June) I tweeted a video of a little Mari0 level I made for fun in between studying that day, and let me tell you it BLEW up, I got around 150 new followers and 3.2k likes somehow which is amazing!!

Since then, I've gotten a lot of feedback on how to make better levels and I feel if I put my head to it I could create some really cool things for everyone to enjoy. And depending on how things go, I think that'll be my new summer project.

Another thing I want to work on is my animated series idea featuring the world me and Neon have been creating for a while, Pipetowers Panic.

Incase you're unaware, Pipetowers Panic is a fictional universe set in Sonic Robo Blast 2, based off in-jokes we've created, the main protagonists being Marko and Luis, 2 recolours of Mario and Luigi but with completely altered personalities and character. I and Neon have put a lot of time into this little world, and I really want to show it to all of you.

So how am I going to go about this? Well, I had a few ideas:

I want the show to function like Pixelcraftian's 'Mario Mayhem' does. Occasional videos in no particular order that show off the extensive world Marko and Luis reside in, getting up to wacky things or just whatever I feel fits. I have most of this planned out already, however producing it could potentially be a pain. Regardless I am very excited to show off what we're making to you when we get started.

I'm also wanting to start writing my own actual universe, 'Exreign' more. In short, Exreign (formerly called the 'Avery Universe' when I didn't have a good name for it) is my own completely handmade fictional universe that I've been working on properly for a few months now.

I've created a lot of characters for it and have gotten a ton of support recently, but I don't know what to actually like do for it; there's so many characters, storylines, and such I could make them all into different things.

I'm in the process of creating a wiki for it currently; it doesn't have a lot of things done yet; however I hope you'll all enjoy the world I'm creating when I eventually put it out there.

This is, of course, depending on if the dreaded "Avery Cycle" doesn't kick in. IYKYK.

Photo of the Whenever!

Because why not!
This is a section of the blogpost I'll dedicate to the best picture I think I've personally taken each month, week, whenever!

This is my candidate for this blog post:


for obvious reasons I can't say where I took this one, but I still really love it. The plants are the front standing tall and proud bathing in the sun, their green colours so vibrant, with the various assortments of trees lining the lake in the background, making for a beautiful picture.

I don't think a photo can really capture the true beauty and calm of this place, but regardless, here you go.

Closing Thoughts

I'd be lying if I wasn't excited to get this out. Having a place I can be more personal with yous instead of a thread on an obscure server I'm on is amazing and having an archive of my thoughts will be something really cool to look back on when I'm older. Here's to hoping this isn't the only post I do LOL

Thank you all for reading, it means a whole lot :]

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