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This page is a work in progress!! I'm gonna add some more images n' make stuff look nicer later, but here's what I got currently :D

2014 - 2015

This is whenever I really first had access to Youtube or the World Wide Web! I was only a wee lad at the time, however you could still see some of my early interests.

My main interests were everything Mario; I had a homemade Mario costume (thanks ma :), multiple videos of me playing with my Mario toys and hell, even an entire ROOM decorated head to bottom in everything related to my favorite mustached plumber.

Although some of my videos were me doing IRL stuff, the main meat of my channel was stop motion, done with 'Stop Motion Studio' on my iPad, mainly featuring my Sonic action figure in whatever wacky place I put or filmed him in; however there was also the occasional Mario action figure stuff there too.

However; as the end of the year approached I stopped uploading as much. But I did continue doing stop motion in my spare time, mainly with these bad boys:

Stikbots! I'm not sure if anyone still remembers these lil' fellas, but I sure as hell do!

These suckers were awesome, and were amazing for stop motion due to their flexibility. Gone were the days of posing action figures on the ground, I could actually make them move; a true breakthrough!

I had tons of these animations on my Ipad, but unfortunately a lot of them have been lost to time, most likely through software updates, but I still had a lot of fun making them and can remember them in my head vividly.

After about a year of no uploads from me I once again graced Youtube with my presence, this time on a new channel! There's about 3 uploads on this one, all of them being stop motion, featuring mario for once! (and Om Nom for some reason??) with a noticeable improvement in quality.

(my old mario action figure! he rests in my room with his brother luigi.)

I don't really have anything else to say about this year, however I wouldn't have actually found out about it if it weren't for my old journal which I undusted from the depths of my book cabinet beside my bed, which is somehow in a good condition.

I might upload all the pages here at some point, but that's that until now.


2017 was an interesting year for me online, it's the first year I actually started gaining a low amount of views on yet another new channel; but it wasn't stop-motion or IRL content this time - I became a Roblox youtuber! The horrors.

Armed with my Mum's old laptop and Roblox's in-game recording software I got to work creating some of the best videos the platform has ever seen.. Ish.

I was doing what most others were at the time, going into public lobbies in games and doing tutorials about obscure/weird glitches I had found, in public chat where everyone had to deal with me!! I was also one of the people at the time who would rock rainbow clothing head to toe, double sword on my back too. I did not know what a homosexual was.

I did this consistently for about 2 months before I just kinda stopped; and that was the end of yet another channel. Even if I didn't get many views, I still had a lot of fun just uploading whatever whenever, back when Roblox was a nicer platform. I come back to this channel every so often because it's a part of my life that I still hold close to me, but we still have a lot to cover, so let's get a move on.

Around a year after the last channel, I made another one; and yet again the style of content switched:

Animation Memes. Oh dear god.

Incase you don't know what an "animation meme" is, this pretty much sums it up: A short animation of a character - usually Original Character (OC) - dancing or sometimes singing along to music, created to be easily adopted by other animators with their own characters. The original animation is made for the express purposes of being mimicked and spread, as a regular meme would.

But yea, I was one of those guys. These were done mainly through an app called 'Flipaclip', where I'd just make simple animation loops of my character featured above. There weren't a lot of videos on here, but it was a starting point for me learning animation!! Which is pretty cool.

The animations themselves aren't good themselves, I was just doing what everyone else was doing at the time and making characters overly edgy, like every OC at that time had eyes with void leaking out of them and all of them were sad. I had no idea why, but they seemed cool so I joined along.

I also had plans of becoming a Storytime Youtuber at the time. God knows what would've happened if that became a reality, I don't wanna.

2019 - 2020
Shortly after 2018 I made another channel, with the same focus as before. I actually managed to get my foot in the door here, and started to make a few friends!

Like last time, the focus was animation memes, speedpaints, stuff like that. With each upload I managed to improve the quality of my artistic skills more and was becoming more confident in my abilities.

I was starting to actively use the internet more at this point. I was enjoying what I was making and I liked sharing it with everyone; it was a good time all around.

Unfortunately, I've lost contact with a lot of the people I knew at the time, which really sucks. In the end, I unlisted a lot of the videos on the channel (I'm not entirely sure why) and made the move to where I am currently.

2021 was the creation of my current channel, a blank slate compared to the last. I also renamed myself to 'Avery', a decision which I now partly regret, but I am stuck with.

I moved away from the Animation Meme community and found myself in the first community I had ever really been in, and made a few friends there!

2021 was also the year I joined the community that led me to be where I am, that being Pixelcraftian's server.

New year new me!! This year sparked the creation of my sona that I continue to use now that you all know and love. Even if brightly coloured and their

This was also the height of the lockdown. For better or worse, I didn't really mind lockdown, it was a nice break from it all. This year I also met some of my good friends who I still know today and was the biggest start to me improving as an artist.

There was also a period of a few months were I started actively streaming on Twitch for fun; although it never really got anywhere. To anyone who came into those and still stick around today; you guys are real ones.

Present Day (2023 - 2024)
Took us long enough, but here we are. 2023 is when I got more involved in FNF and started creating some more wacky stuff, reaching out and meeting new people, and I started really improving as an artist, at some point creating "Doodle Avery" which I now use as my sona for pretty much everything now.

Everything from there on out most of you already know.

I'd like to thank you reading, I had a blast writing this :D
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