About Me and Myself!

My name is Avery, a teenage artist from Britain, and this is the part of the site where I can be a bit more personal with you all :D
I've never really had the opportunity to write an *actual* about me, so bear with me for a min lol

One of my main selling points is that I'm an artist!! It's something I've enjoyed doing as a kid, and I'm lucky enough to be able to share it here on the internet with all of you :]

As well as doing art I actually enjoy traditional art a lot. This is most likely because of school but I've found myself picking up traditional art and painting in recent times. It's a passion I'd really like to do more of later down the line in life.

Another thing I enjoy is nature. Maybe it's just because I'm in a place of the world where there's beauty at every corner but I love exploring the world and just taking it all in, I love going on walks or the occasional hike. One of my future plans in life is to travel the world and see what there is to see, but I've got a long way before I reach that goal haha.

I care a whole lot about all of my friends, offline or online. Being alone is cool n' all that but they're the guys who keep me goin' a lot of the time and in all honesty I don't know where I'd be without all of them. (Even if I am a bit annoying at points, haha)

I also am a tad bit excitable when I'm interested in something. I really like helping other people with their own projects if they allow me to, but I often have trouble starting my own a lot of the time. However I put great amounts of care into the ones that I do, particularly the (like what, 3?) fictional universes I'm writing at the moment :]

That's pretty much all you need to know about me as a person. But here is some extra stuff:


> What Programs I Use

Well!! I use Procreate for most of my art, and for pixel art I use Aseprite. For things like animating I mainly use Adobe Animate but I'm starting to learn how to use Toonsquid too :]

> Is Avery my actual name?

no lol
I don't know why I picked Avery as my name rather than just using my real name, but here we are lol

> My Nicknames Online

I go by AveryDoesStuffs and averyprobably on pretty much all social media I have.

> A List of My Interests

- Anything Nintendo related, ESPECIALLY the Mario franchise. I am a huge Mario and Luigi fan and have been as a kid, I used to make like Mario costumes for halloween and stuff too lol

- I really like older/retro stuff. I am a big sucker for the 2010's era of the internet. Not because of like nostalgia or anything (hell, I was barely on the internet at the time) but there's something about how websites and just things in general used to look back then that makes it so appealing to me.

- My favourite console of all time is probably the 3DS I played (and still do sometimes!!) so much of it as a kid and was devastated when the online servers shut down a while back.

-  Indie games are awesome!! My favourites are Oneshot, Celeste and Vibrant Venture.